Live vaccines

  • Usually applied by mass vaccination (e.g., coarse spray or drinking water)
  • Usually inexpensive
  • Induce local as well as systemic immunity
  • Cause some vaccination reaction that is observed for a few days after application

Live vaccine strains

Massachusetts strains

  1. H120 vaccine

    The most common representative of live vaccines of the Massachusetts serotypes is the strain known as H120. This vaccine strain is known for the number of passages it has undergone in order to reach its typical level of attenuation. H120 vaccine is a mild vaccine, usually used for first vaccinations, it does not induce a long lasting immunity.

  2. Ma5 vaccine

    A mild vaccine that can be used as a single component. It can also be included in first vaccination in programs with IB 4/91 vaccines and inactivated vaccines for broad protection against different IBV serotypes.

Variant strains

  1. IB 4/91 vaccine

    Contains a strain of the 4/91serotype for specific protection against that IBV type. Combined with Ma5 and IB multi vaccines, broad protection is provided.

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