Dr. Mark Jackwood


  • B.S. University of Delaware 1978, June
  • M.S. University of Delaware 1982, December
  • Ph.D. The Ohio State University 1985, December
Mark Jackwood
Dr. Mark Jackwood


The focus of Dr. Jackwood’s research is the molecular analysis of infectious bronchitis virus for the purpose of developing better methods of diagnosis and control of the disease. His expertise is in molecular virology and biotechnology.

Selected publications:

  1. Jackwood, M. W., Hilt, D.A., Callison, S.A., Lee, C–W, Plaza, H., and Wade E.D. Spike Glycoprotein Cleavage Recognition Site Analysis of Infectious Bronchitis Virus. Avian Dis. 45:366–372. 2001.
  2. Lee, C.W. and Jackwood, M.W. Spike Gene Analysis of the DE072 Strain of Infectious Bronchitis Virus: Origin and Evolution. Virus Genes 22:1, 85–91. 2001.
  3. Lee, Chang–Won, and Jackwood, M.W.: Origin and Evolution of Georgia 98 (GA98), a New Serotype of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus. Virus Res. 80:33–39. 2001.
  4. Lee, C–W., Brown, C.C., and Jackwood, M.W. Tissue distribution of avian infectious bronchitis virus following in ovo inoculation of chicken embryos examined by in situ hybridization with antisense digoxigenin-labeled universal riboprobe. J. Vet. Diagn. Invest. 14:377–381. 2002.
  5. Jackwood, M.W., Hilt, D.A., and Brown, T.P. Attenuation, safety and efficacy of an infectious bronchitis virus GA98 serotype vaccine. Avian Dis. 47:122–127. 2003.
  6. Kapczynski, D. R., D. A. Hilt, D. Shapiro, H. S. Sellers, and M.W. Jackwood. Protection of chickens from infectious bronchitis by in ovo and intramuscular vaccination with a DNA vaccine expressing the S1 glycoprotein. Avian Dis. 47:272–285, 2003.
  7. Jackwood, M.W., Hilt, D.A., and Callison, S.A. Detection of Infectious Bronchitis Virus by Real–Time Reverse Transcriptase–Polymerase Chain Reaction and Identification of a Quasispecies in the Beaudette Strain. Avian Dis. 47:128–134. 2003.