Inactivated vaccines

  • Long lasting immunity
  • No vaccination reactions
  • Usually cost more than live vaccines
  • Administered individually
  • Allow the combination of different antigens besides Infectious Bronchitis (IB)

Use of Inactivated and Live Vaccines

In order to exploit the potential of the inactivated vaccine the chickens must be properly primed with live vaccines. Highest titres will be obtained when an interval of at least 4–6 weeks is left between the last live vaccine and the inactivated vaccine.

Vaccination programs may be simplified by combining inactivated antigens against two or more serotypes or two or more diseases into one vaccine.

Vaccination of layers against IBV

The following graph illustrates the serological data from a comparison trial performed at GD deventer Dr J de Wit comparing different inactivated IB vaccines after Ma5 + 4/91 priming.

The table below shows serological response in VN titers against IB M41 and IB 4/91, comparing the vaccination program live IB Ma5 + 4/91 only versus live IB Ma5 + 4/91 followed by IBmulti inactivated vaccine.

The titers below are from point of inactivated vaccination (15 weeks so the result of the live Ma5 + 4/91 combination) and 4 + 6 weeks post IBmulti vaccination compared to no IBmulti.