Live vaccines

  • Usually applied by mass vaccination (e.g., coarse spray or drinking water)
  • Usually inexpensive
  • Induce local as well as systemic immunity
  • Cause some vaccination reaction that is observed for a few days after application

Live vaccine strains

Massachusetts strains

  • Ma5 vaccine

    A mild vaccine that can be used as a single component. It can also be included in first vaccination in programs with IB 4/91 vaccines and inactivated vaccines for broad protection against different IBV serotypes.

Variant strains

  • IB 4/91 vaccine

    Contains a strain of the 4/91serotype for specific protection against that IBV type. Combined with Ma5 and IB multi vaccines, broad protection is provided.
  • IB Primo QX vaccine in Sphereon format

    The new vaccine has been developed to protect Breeders, Layers and Broilers from the IB QX strain and can be given from day-old onwards.

    Compatible with Nobilis® IB Ma5 to complete the protectotype family – mix with Nobilis® IB Ma5 before oculonasal or spray administration. (Simultaneous use with Nobilis® IB Ma5).

Read why vaccines can protect against different IB serotypes – Serotypes and Protectotypes.